Choosing your bouquet

Your wedding bouquet is one of the most important accessories of your life so it makes sense to choose carefully and seek expert advice. Ideally, your choice of bouquet will come after you have found the dress as it’s crucial your flowers complement, rather than compete with your dream gown. Your wedding dress boutique or designer will have helped you choose the most appropriate style for your figure and the look you are aiming for. The job of the florist is to guide you through the different styles of bouquet to find the perfect match for you. Here are some of the things you should consider:

  • Your bouquet needs to be in proportion to your frame – if you’re petite or particularly tall, your flowers should be scaled accordingly.
  • If your dress has an intricate bodice then a simple bouquet made from a single variety of flowers would set it off. If you have detail on the skirt, then avoid long trailing bouquet designs that will cover it up.
  • It’s a long day so think about how comfortable you are carrying your bouquet in one hand, both hands or across your arm.

Here’s a quick guide to the different types of bouquets:

The Boho Bouquet

This style is all about natural looking flowers and foliage that look as if they have just been gathered from the garden. We use British, locally grown flowers to make these bouquet during the summer months to give brides a soft, romantic armful of flowers. The stems are hand-tied and finished with ribbons.

Lemon yellow sunflowers, dill, dahlias, achillea and astrantia boho bouquet

The Cascade Bouquet

This classic bouquet shape accentuates your curves and lengthens your look so it works well with Princess and Fit and Flare dresses. It’s the choice of brides who love glamour. The bouquet is made using a special holder filled with floral foam to hold the flowers. It can be designed to be held in one hand or two hands depending on the size required.  We like to add berries and seed-heads for an extra layer of texture

The Hand-tied Bouquet

The Hand-tied bouquet is a firm favourite for the modern bride as it works well with all dress styles. This bouquet can be made from virtually any flower variety and is held in one hand or two. We like to use different sizes of flower head and add some berries and greenery to create a richly textured bouquet. Stems are finished in satin ribbon and pearl-headed pins with optional ribbon tails.

The Presentation Bouquet

Rach lane arm B close-up USE compressed-30

For something different, carry a simple but stunning bouquet of your most favourite flowers along or over your arm. This works well with Column and Tea-dress styles. For a sleek stylish look, go for exotic calla lilies or if you’re aiming for a more relaxed vibe, then consider a joyful bunch of seasonal British flowers. The stems of the flowers are visible and wrapped in ribbon to complement your colour palette.